Photo by Victor Solanoy

“If you seek a well poured pint in a supremely comfortable atmosphere, Trials Pub (265 N Ist St), north of San Pedro Square, has many excellent ales on tap (try a Fat Lip), all served in a warm, friendly room with no TVs. There's good pub food too.”

Lonely Planet Guide to California
2003 Edition

Trials Pub is a rarity. It is an authentic Pub in a franchised world, a space free of televisions and "wazzup" beers. Trials Pub is a home-away-from-home for people from around the world and around the corner

Situated in an historic landmark — the building dates back to 1894 — Trials is just the latest occupant in one of the most interesting Victorian buildings in the heart of Silicon Valley.

History of the Building
Originally built by a swiss grocer named Tagnazzi and used as a hotel for the railroad workers, the building subsequently enjoyed notoriety as a brothel. In the early 20th century the basement was actually used as an auxillary facility for the County Jail, which was located one block away within the Superior Court. Ghostly sightings and sounds have been experienced by various people over the years. The ghost is reputedly either a warden who met his grisly death at the hands of a prisoner being held in the basement or a prisoner who took his own life. The remnants of the cells are still in the basement, just below our dart lane.

Over the years, occupants came and went. During the 1970's the building was used by the United Farm Workers as a headquarters.

Trials Pub opened it's doors to the public in May 1997 by British couple Robert & Tracy McVeigh. The pub transfered ownership in the fall of 2002 to Greg & Vernie Mast, longtime regulars. On November 10, 2005, Trials Pub was transferred to the van der Molens.

Trials Pub offers a full selection of beer, wine and spirits. We are proud to offer 17 beers on tap. Our kitchen has a deserved reputation for serving the best fish & chips in San Jose and the best curry this side of Edinburgh.

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